Evaluation Specialist – Foreign Services Institute, U.S. Department of State, June 2022-Present

  • Design, program, and monitor surveys and dashboards for 8+ evaluation courses with more than 75+ students weekly.

  • Implement standardized attitudinal and behavioral evaluation survey questions for single and multi-week training courses.

  • Define survey best practices for stakeholders to establish efficient processes for data collection and analysis.

  • Audit survey practices and develop multi-staged methodological improvement plans.

  • Co-lead implementation of Qualtrics quantitative and qualitative survey analysis and dashboard creation.

  • Co-direct departmental migration of survey implementation from Survey Monkey to Qualtrics.

Principal Investigator – Powerlessness and Anti-Establishment Political Behavior, University of Houston, March 2019-May 2022

  • Planned, built, and executed 3 end-to-end original research projects around current health of American democracy.

  • Crafted grant proposals, novel survey measures, and experiments for diverse sampling populations through CloudResearch, MTurk, and Lucid recruiting platforms.

  • Communicated the significance of findings in relevant academic journals and conferences.

Quantitative Researcher – U.S. Study of Political Behavior, University of Houston, August 2019-May 2022

  • Managed 6+ independently run, multi-stage survey studies.

  • Designed and analyzed 6+ single- and multi-wave, large-n surveys that investigate growing trends in misinformation, conspiracy theories, polarization, and partisanship and how/if researchers affect these attitudes with survey exposure.

  • Developed, programmed, and deployed survey experiments, including hand-coded conjoint designs.

  • Presented findings to peers at local and national academic conferences.

  • Designed and published 20+ novel survey questions about conspiratorial rumors and misinformation.

Quantitative Researcher – U.S. Study of Misinformation & Conspiracy Theories, University of Houston, August 2017-July 2019

  • Designed and edited 20+ novel survey questions about conspiratorial rumors and misinformation.

  • Created and programmed survey logic using Qualtrics.

  • Presented findings to peers at a local and national academic conference.

  • Published findings in industry-leading public opinion journal.

Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, University of Houston, August 2017-August 2021

  • Collected, coded, and analyzed 5+ data sets regarding state and federal level election records.

  • Assisted in planning the Political Misperceptions academic conference held at the University of Houston.

  • Designed, edited, and coded 20+ surveys given to nationally represented U.S. Adults.

  • Developed, moderated, and graded weekly, midterm and final assignments for 200+ undergraduate and graduate students.

Associate Editor, WebMD/Medscape Education, October 2016-July 2017

  • Formatted and edited PowerPoint slide decks for content and style for Medscape’s education website that is accessed by medical doctors worldwide.

  • Recreated statistical graphs from peer-reviewed medical journals for original PowerPoint decks.

  • Established statistical and scientific methodology practices for entire editorial team.


Quantitative Analysis

  • Online survey sampling and design, programming, and implementation

  • Online and Lab-based experimental and quasi-experimental sampling and design, programming, and implementation

  • Behavioral data analysis

  • Causal inference

  • Multivariate analysis

  • Probability

  • Significance testing

Programming Languages

  • R (GNU S)

  • R-Studio

  • Qualtrics (XM, 360, and Dashboard design)

  • LaTeX

  • Python

  • HTML

  • JavaScript

  • WordPress

  • Microsoft Office

  • Adobe Creative Suites


  • Human Research - Social-Behavioral-Educational Researchers Certificate at CITI Program

  • Responsible Conduct of Research - Social and Behavioral Responsible Conduct of Research Course Certificate at CITI Program

  • Conflict of Interest Course - Conflict of Interest in Research Course Certificate at CITI Program

Research Experience

  • 7+ years experience of quantitative data collection and analysis.

Resume PDF

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